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SHE-Q initiatives

SMIT recognizes the need for proactive SHE-Q initiatives. We are taking significant steps in the right direction whilst working together to achieve targets relating to safety, health, environment and quality.

Some of our SHE-Q initiatives include:

Safety, Health

  • Initiation of behavioral Safety Campaigns
  • Voluntary ISM compliance for sheerleg operations.
  • Addressing intensifying security issues through:
    • Engaging dedicated security service providers;
    • Establishing a Crisis Command Centre.
  • Co-ordinated occupational/workplace health assessment.


  • In cooperation with partners, two separate initiatives aimed at the development of a ‘Green' vessel:
    • Efficient in Operation, Environmentally Friendly, Economically Viable Tug (E3);
    • Hybrid, Hydrogen, Harbour Tug (H3T).
  • Various vessel modifications to improve emissions and fuel efficiency, e.g. fuel consumption indication.
The development of a green E3 Tug