Environmental care

SMIT’s salvage teams have rescued hundreds of valuable ships and cargoes, preventing the spillage of millions of tonnes of oils, chemicals and bunkers. We have the expertise to deliver a full range of services including firefighting, ship-to-ship/ship-to-shore cargo transfer, deep water oil recovery, salvage and disposal of hazardous cargoes, refloating, towage, wreck removal, marine and salvage consultancy and contingency planning.

Many wrecks remain full of pollutants at locations close to vulnerable coastlines and can present a significant threat to the marine environment. Failure to deal with such problems can lead to a succession of costly cleanup operations.  

Hot-tap technology

Hot-tap technology guarantees a spill-free extraction of any contained fluids either above or underwater. As the hot-tap equipment is light in weight and easy to transport, this technology is the best tool for arranging for the immediate transfer of bunkers from vessels aground or sunk.