Harbour Towage

On a global level SMIT Towage operates around 250 tugs in 15 countries and 40 port locations. We provide towage services amongst others in: 

  • Northwest Europe: through our joint venture KOTUG SMIT Towage in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and United Kingdom
  • Americas, through our joint venture Saam Smit Towage: Brazil, Panama, Mexico and Canada
  • Far East/South East Asia, through our joint venture Keppel SMIT Towage: China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei

As an experienced marine service provider, SMIT Towage provides the vital link between ship and berth. Experienced crews on our state-of-the-art tugs assist thousands of ships in the world’s most prominent ports. As such we have gained ample experience in providing towage services to the largest ships in the world.

Experienced crew man our tugs

Ships sizes and propulsion techniques and port and terminal lay-outs are subject to regular changes and modernizations. National and international quality, safety and environmental standards are continuously developing to higher levels. We have a longstanding and sound track record of being able to keep up with those developments. We provide competitive services, our tugs and organization are compliant with the industry’s and legal requirements.